Ground2k4 installation problems

hello every one:

i just discovered this program ground2k4, seems to be a nice program but i cant make it run. i followed intructions of installation and when i try to run it, a pop message appears saying "language dll -VB6FR.dll- could not be found"
i did look for the file in the web found it and installed it at the windows\system directory, reboot computer, and again same problem. I tried installing g2k4 again and nothing, tried moving VB6FR.dll to the g2k4 main directory and nothing. :banghead:
i also installed fsconnect which didnt come with the g2k4 package and also installed all patches and upgrades up to V5.33
im using windows XP professional spanish version

if anyone can help me please post a reply here o send me an e-mail to im desperate to re-do my coastline at hometown!!

regards from La Paz, Mexico!


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I think you need to put the DLL file in your system32 folder. After that a reboot should be enough to get it working.

hello anro:
thanks, it worked! but im facing new problems now! i´ll make a new thread because is quite long

thank you!