Ground2k4 upgrade problems

I am doing a scenery for fs2004 using G2k4 but recently I have changed from Version 5.1 to 5.4 and all my roads, rivers vanished. :yikes: the new version does generate the VTP2poly_5.bgl files related to polygons but refuse to produce the VTP2poly_9.bgl responsable to rivers,roads/shorelines I am very :scratchch and :( because I have already designed streets a and rivers for an entire median city. When I load the G2k4 and the project file designed from V5.1 into V 5.4, all the streets an rivers still there but not used for the *.bgl.??? Please Help!!!!
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asdf9 G2k4 Help!!

:) Heeii!! asdf9 Thanks pall!! :teacher: I have just read your tip and I will download the newest version of TDFmacros from avsim. thanks!!!