FSX groundpoly weather issue?


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Now that I've solved my mipmap problems I run into another problem (see image):

My ground consists of a combination of a 3D model (because of slope) and a small part of a 2002 ground poly (easily spotted in the image) because the PAPI there would vanish behind the 3D model.
Now, both work perfectly together, but only with fair weather. If I use lower visibility settings I get the effect you see in the image. When I get closer to the errand area, the effect vanishes and the shading is perfect again :eek: - the same occurs if I fly backwards.
As this effect also only occurse if I look in this direction (which is away from the refpoint) I wonder if it's got to do with refpoints. Has anybody ever experienced a problem with wrong 2002-groundpoly shading under certain visibility settings if the user is between the errand part of the groundpoly and its refpoint?

A bit tricky, I know, but I'm really lost again. :eek:



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Hi Thorsten,

Do both parts have the same reference point?

I have seen weird effects with FS2002 ground polygons before, because the shading of each tile is determined by the distance to its reference point. So that can give different shading in different tiles at lower visibilities.
I had similar problems when I was using Ground Poly's for my imagery. The first time I looked at the scenery in low visiblity, the fogging was all messed up.

In the end, I decided to use the FSX native photoscenery technique instead, and now the quality is 10x as good, and there are no issues at low visibility.

As far as the PAPI disappearing, just make one from scratch using the separation plane technique and you won't have to worry about it getting clipped.


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Unfortunately I already use tweaked BGL-Lights for the PAPI, but as the ground is an FSX 3D mdl the PAPI vanishes, no matter how it's created.

I think I'll try another refpoint (within the area).