FS2004 Groundpolygon - Can't find needed asm lines

Hi everybody,

just doing my first steps in building ground polygons, and it looks like I could do some progress :)

I use Bill Womack's great tutorial for this


All works fine, I have a usable picture editor programm and can build the polys in Gmax I need. For example the runway.

But my issue is as follows:
When I export my runway, I get the needed asm - files (Runway_base.asm and Runway_base_0.asm).

Now I will try to change the Runway_base.asm txt - lines inside, but the needed lines (tutorial lines in red)

OBJECT_0_START label word
IFIN1 OBJECT_0_FAIL, image_complex, 1, 32767

To get rid of the shadow and create a true ground poly, I change it to this:

OBJECT_0_START label word
IFIN1 OBJECT_0_FAIL, image_complex, 1, 32767

don't appear!

Instead of it, I only get the lines

; compile with BGLC /MDL C:\gmax\gamepacks\fs2004\meine objekte\ETUO\Pete_Ersatz\Runway\ETUO_runway_base.asm
db 'R','I','F','F' ; RIFF file identifier
dd bgl_data_end - $ - 4 ; size of RIFF data
db 'M','D','L','9' ; file identifire (FS9 model)

db 'M','D','L','H'
dd visual_model_header_end - $ - 4
dd visual_model_header_end - $ - 4
dd 0
dd 0
dd 1085
dd 0
dd 0
dd 152
db 'F','S','8','0'
dd 2304
visual_model_header_end label dword

db 'I','S','F','T'
dd ver_end - $ - 4
db "MakeMDL - FS90 (9.00.030612.02)",0
ver_end label word

bounding_box_riff_start label word
db 'B','B','O','X'
dd bounding_box_riff_end - $ - 4
real4 -1084.193, 0.000, -22.645
real4 1010.806, 0.000, 22.355
bounding_box_riff_end label word

model_outside label BGLCODE
model_shadow label BGLCODE
model_inside label BGLCODE
exterior_riff_start_0 label BGLCODE
db 'E','X','T','E'
dd exterior_riff_end_0 - $ - 4
include C:\gmax\gamepacks\fs2004\meine objekte\ETUO\Pete_Ersatz\Runway\ETUO_runway_base_0.asm
exterior_riff_end_0 label BGLCODE

bgl_data_end label BGLCODE

Does anybody know what went wrong before? I am almost sure I did each step before in the tutorial....Thanks for any help.


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Or create your ground polygons using the ModelConverterX Ground Polygon Wizard. :)


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Or another option is to use ModelConverterX to save the X file and then run that through the FS2002 MakeMDL. The MakeMDL version can be downloaded for free, without needing to have FS2002.
Hi again,

okay, meanwhile I got the gmax.cab folder and want to run the gmax.exe.

But my next problem is to have to register this. BAD:

This version is no longer supported. So how do I can get my version registered?




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There is no need to install GMax again, if you have it installed already. You can install the FS2002 gamepack besides the FS2004 and FSX gamepacks.
Thank you, Arno. Okay, I have to say, I am really an idiot in manually changing, exchanging or modifying existing files. The only results mostly were a lot of inoperating programms or files, and I have to delete or reinstall everything....

So I tried first to follow the following tutorial:


This seems easy to me, but the last point included lines as follows:

7. Create a new shortcut in C:\Gmax\gamepacks\FS2002 called FS2002.lnk.
a. Edit the shortcut to have a ‘target’ of: %GMAXLOC%Gmax.exe -i gamepacks\FS2002\Gmax.ini -p gamepacks\FS2002\plugin.ini
b. Edit the ‘Start in’ directory of the shortcut to be: %GMAXLOC%

And this was like I wrote above, hieroglyphics at all :eek:

And as a consequence, I got the FS2002 Pro gmax.cab from a german threat member and installed this gmax version 1.0 .....thinking most easy way is to install version 1.0 and simply run the gmax.exe there.....

So shame on me, I am simply a software user, unable to comprehend how to create a shortcut...
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Ok, hi all again,

after needing the 2002 gamepack without problems to build some ground polygons, I switched over to create some last buildings with 2004 gamepack.

Yesterday I wanted to add some final small ground polygons with the 2002 gamepack again, but :eek:

I wasn't able to edit the makemdl options not anymore!!!! Though I need the 2002 shortcut like suggested, the makemdl window doesn't stop as usual. It runs like the 2004 gamepack.

Does anybody have any suggestions what the problem is? Is any change needed again inside the makemdl.cfg?

Did FS2004 gain the mastery again :rolleyes: ?

Many thanks in advance

Okay, just found that the entry "keep=1" was missing inside the makemdl.cfg....

Not sure why it disappeared, but now it works again....

So my question only is: Does using FS2004 gamepack change some entries inside the FS2002 pack?


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So my question only is: Does using FS2004 gamepack change some entries inside the FS2002 pack?
Not if you've installed the gamepacks correctly it doesn't!

Directory of C:\gmax\gamepacks

01/28/2010 05:06 PM <DIR> fs2002
01/28/2010 05:11 PM <DIR> fs2004
05/07/2009 06:14 PM <DIR> fs2004_scenery
04/07/2010 10:49 AM <DIR> FSX_GmaxGamePack
Note that each of the gamepacks is in its own folder, therefore everything remains separated.

I have four desktop icons from which to launch GMax, one for each folder!