Guess the cockpit...


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Having a go at Erick Cantu's Boeing 732

Erick started it, I want to finish it.

After almost a year, I still don't have access to my main rig with FSX. FS9 is all I have on my laptop, so this will be a FS9 model. I, however, have modeled and mapped this thing to FSX specs, so a conversion isn't the most time consuming thing.

Apart from the mundane things like painting textures, I need to:

- get Erick's exterior model up and running

- learn Bill O.'s unlimited export system (as Makemdl's 4mm weld limit blows) because of some parts

- get into the whole FS9 compilance (animations, materials, hierarchy) thing

- map gauges*

A long way to go, but if I succeed, this will yield the first (freeware) 732 with VC since FS8.

Now guess the aircraft.


Oh, wait, that'd be too easy.


Guess the submodel!

*The panel bitmaps are from the TinMouse, so there might just be a cockpit with systems depth in the end, provided I get all the gauges running.

- Edit:

Just noted that this thing still needs wipers.

- Edit²:

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- The fuselage mapping on Erick's exterior WIP model was FUBAR'ed and could not be made compatible with existing repaints.

Upside: It now has one-piece 2048 px² map (thanks to quick export to Max 9, normal mapping and re-import into GMax).

Downside: I need to paint a new master texture; you can't use existing repaints; FS9 users will only get the 1024 size mip in sim.

- Unlimited Export not necessary, thanks to Middleman and makemdl.cfg with "weld=0"

Anyone willing to help me out with painting the fuselage and doing some repaints?
what's the texture resolution for this airplane?
Looks like it's getting very pixled ...

it's better to map the fuse on a single sheet and create a new one for the engines, the wings, the misc party. You can add much more detail this way


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I'm going to add engine textures and things like nose gear doors to the sheet (along with some smaller stuff maybe) to fill it up a bit.
The cargo door option and a bare metal layer are still missing as well.

I don't want to remap the whole model as this will be too time intensive. I've still got to take care of VC textures.

The map looks pixelated because I'm mostly working with the pencil tool since it's much more precise than the brush; especially for painting the basic structure.
A swipe with the "Gaussian Blur" filter oughta smooth things up a bit in the end. Or/and a bit of noise and blur here and there.

If anyone wants to go HD on the texture and/or add and/or improve things once I'm done, he/she is more than welcome to.
(I like my textures simple and easy to repaint. Also, Im working on a 1024*768 px screen, which doesn't help in the details department.)

I, for my part, am pretty content with them for now.

Arno, can you rename this thread "Erick Cantu's B732 revisited" or so?
I can't seem to edit the actual thread title anymore.
Fuselage texture preview:

I think I'll add the engine textures to this sheet to reduce draw calls.
Draw calls are made for every mesh not textures! :eek:

To reduce draw calls you must effective combine the fuselage and the turbine meshes as 1 unit and texture map but that may not be possible =P!

You will save on memory tho because your using up that "free real-estate" on the texture map.


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Textures need some more tweaking (panel lines more subtle, dirt here an there), but this is where I'm at.

Thinking about preemptively keyframing the rudder, ailerons and elevator to get rid of the ugly effects in MCX.


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I've done the basic fuselage textures myself.

Currently doing the VC textures, which Real, Just enough fun to be more fun than getting your body hair waxed. Or else.


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"Happiness is a cozy cockpit."
- Kim Il Sung


Now on to proper sim integration. Next update: 2014


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Heh, I've managed to split three 2048²px texture maps down into twelve 1024²px maps without having to scale a single part's UVW map.

All it took was a separate material for each of the smaller maps and the "offset" and "tiling" settings in the map settings to slide it into its corresponding quadrant on one of the large original maps.

The effect is an easy method of keeping texture resolution high in FS9 while retaining FSX' capability to handle large texture maps.
Hmm. That is of interest to me. Can you describe in more "for an idiot to understand" basis? I am not profficient in gmax.

Thank you.


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I'm doing the B737-200 ADV/COMBI for Milviz (FSX/P3D only!).

I spent over two months just getting the overhead panel fully animated and "logic'd" (if that's not a word, it should be!)... ;)

From what I've seen so far, this is going to be a terrific FS9 version! :D


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Now in-sim.

Cool features:
Brake pedals, trim adjustable via knob on yoke.

Combi/QC fuselage texture configuration.


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By the way, the 4mm vertex weld limit for the VC does seem to vanish if one puts the right parameters into the MakeMDL.cfg.

Into the [Options] section.

My MakeMDL.cfg:

(Thanks to Mr.FaosFX for the parameter names.)

This also obliviates the need for MiddleMan (unless one wants to do something related to ULE).