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FSX GUID converter tool (v0.9 - 16FEB2013)


while working on a scenery object conditional placement solution for FSX, I came into need of converting FS9 style GUIDs I have from FS9 scenery library to FSX style bracketed GUIDs.

I have written a small, lightweight tool to convert GUIDs placed in a text file to another textfile of new GUIDs needed in sim.cfg library GUID reference. Here is the current version.

How to use it:
-prepare a text file with a list of your GUIDs. Each GUID for one line.
(at this time, nothing else is allowed. No comments, no empty lines etc. Maybe in future if there is demand. Example files included in package.)

-call GuidConverter from command line with filename parameter i.e. GuidConverter input.txt.
(more parameters - files are allowed, however wildcards do not work yet)

-GuidConverter will produce an output.txt file, which will contain converted GUIDs in bracketed format, sectioned by file used. If output.txt already exists, it will be cleared (at this time).

Source code available on request.


  • GuidConverter0-9.zip
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