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FSX HAAB Addis Ababa Ed Bole International Airport

Well, what to write about this project?

Addis Ababa is one of my favourite places aviation has to offer worldwide, I really fell in love with that field.
That given, I really, really got exited when Mr "Dulmush" posted a few very early screens and confirmed that finally someone would work on this airport for FSX. A few months later his project fell asleep, a few months later more I could visit Addis Ababa in RL again. That was when I decided to finally start my own scenery project for HAAB. The only problems - I was/am a total noob on scenery design firstly and secondly I had only 4h of transit time to get "the feel" and enough photos to recreate Bole Airport in FSX.

Now, another 6 months later, I am at a point that I think is good to make this thing "official", especially because I got asked about ADD by a lot of people in the last weeks after I postet 2 screens in the "I am Working On - Thread".

See yourself, but don't be to harsh with my work, as said I am a totall newbie and I had to improvise at many points of the scenery. If you still like it - it will be freeware and I will release it as fast as I can. To progress faster I asked some other developers for permission to use their stuff, as Stanislav from Drzewiecki Design and Jörg from FlightPort for example. Both answered quick and friendly and allowed me to use their work, a big big big thanks again to you guys. But I need to wait for some others to give me permission to use their imagery etc. which might cause a little delay to this scenery. Sorry for that. In the meantime I will have time to improve things on the other hand, so the ones who asked me 'bout ADD: Be patient, beta is running, CopyRights are checked, things are overworked here and there, etc. etc. etc. ... Thats why I dont want and cannot tell you any release date yet as well, of course.

Enough of words now - this is what I am talking about:

Terminal 1:


Terminal 2:


Overview from East to West:


And a little older one, overview from South to North with the Maintenance & Cargo Area noticeable, but still the older version of Terminal 2 on this one:


Well - it is not great and nothing to get exited about - but maybe whoever was waiting for ADD as long as I did can be happy now! I am open for feedback (=
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All i can say now is thank you!
It looks amazing even in beta.
Thanks for bringing us the "gateway to africa" and one of the most challenging airports around there due to his altitude and performance limitations.
Regards with all My support magnus!
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It certainly looks to part - very nice :)
Little Update:

All of the issues that came up until now are worked out now, so from my side it's ready to release. Sadly I still got no answer regarding one copyright problem, until I have this one 100% secure I cant release of course.
Thanks for the nice words everybody, I will inform you when the project is uploaded!
As you know my friend from AeroWorx removed his elevation fix from the net, which made using my HAAB v1 for a few users impossible. Also was HAAB my very first project and I wasn't really satisfied with how it looked anymore. So I decided to redo approx 90% of the airport for a v2. Now I completed 'most' of the update, but some bits and bites remained undone until now (eg. we have still the old night lighting, which sucks but I didnt have the time to improve it so far). Right now (when I am writing this) it's late June, which means for me: Exams in a few weeks, afterwards a trekking tour through Norway, thereafter working at a small lodge close to the alps and finally another vacation in September. For you that would mean a lot of waiting, maybe you understand I wont work that much on my scenerys in the next time. So I decided to release an 'as-it-is'-version for you guys to enjoy until I will resume my work and finish v2 finally in fall. But understand that I am now developing natively for P3Dv2, so I will try to provide support and solutions to any problems as far as possible, but I cant help you too much with FSX issues so far. Thus the "real" v2 will contain a FSX version as well, hopefully.

What is new in v1.9?
1. In P3Dv2, the scenery now contains an altitude fix already. The only additional download would be the FlightPort Library, which is not necessary anymore but still enhances the scenery a lot with additional objects. For v2 I intend to model custom objects for those so finally my Addon will become StandAlone then

2. Lots of buildings are overhauled (eg. Terminal 1, Maintenance), completely rebuild (eg. Terminal 2) or even wholly new (eg. Handling buildings, Storages etc. between T1 and the Maintenance Area).

3. The Afcad is redone, to better suit GSX and is optimized for P3Dv2. Runway/Apron lighting is now done P3Dv2 native, which means better performance and better looks.

4. The Ground Poly now includes the complete airport, not only the Apron (also made possible by P3Dv2). The airport background is hand-drawn as there is a lack of good satellite photos for the area. (A huge THANKS to Julius Haager for helping me a lot here!)

What will be added in the 'real' v2?

1. The night lighting will be improved. Finally. Promise. (Even thow I hate doing night lighting. Just cant figure out the magic how eg. GayaSim blew nightlighting at there recently released Kilimanjaro airport (by the way: I love it - you should really grap it and fly ET815 from HAAB to HTKJ
;) ;) ).

2. Even thow I already added custom runway textures by this version, I will completely overwork them once again to get them more 'HDish' for v2.

3. FSX support for the elevation fix and afcad issues.

4. An own library of apron objects so there will be no need to do additional downloads etc. anymore.

The new Version can be found on my website whitedotsim.de.tl






Great scenery. Just took a flight from Cairo, and all I can say is WOW! Amazing work, and even more amazing, you're giving it away for free! You're a true gentleman.