Happy new year forum update


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Hi all,

First a happy new year to all members of our community!

If you were not too busy yesterday celebrating the new year, you might have noticed that the website stopped working last evening. The server ran out of disk space, because one process didn't clean up the temp files correctly. So everything is running fine again now.

We have also updated to the latest version of the XenForo forum software and updated to the latest Tapatalk plugin. Let us know if this resulted in any problems, but it seems to be running fine.
Happy New Year Arno,
Thanks for all your efforts for the community over the years! Both in developing software which I use continuously and mainting this site. No problems experienced so far :D
Best regards
Henrik Nielsen
Thanks for all your hard work keeping everything ship-shape! Had a bit of a scare when the site dissapeard. Happy New Year, all.
Happy New Year everyone!
Yep, was up late and checked in.. Forum war kaput! Glad its running proper again.
A thousand thanks for this forum and all your hard work keeping it running nicely.

Happy New Year all!

A huge thank you Arno for getting the forum back up so quickly and for all your magnificent efforts over the years. There must be thousands of people enjoying the benefit of your hard work through your ingenious tools and this excellent forum. Thank you so much.

Heuh, hi all,

I would like to wish all of you (Arno, Jon, Don, Gerry, Rob, Bob, Heretic, Chico, Gerli, Severin, Lionheart, shrames6, MarcL, Pyscen, KL791, testpilot, George (GHD), Jim, Tom, Bernardo, Tic, Gary, Mike, Horst, Helli, Mathew, et al, a very prosperous and healthy and Flightsimulatorwise, exciting new year.