Hardening Photoimage surfaces


For the XML portion that MCX imports, does the portion just need to be the area with the vertexs? Not containing the Airport header information that's usually in an airport file?

If so, you have (yet again) added a little gem of wisdom to the FS community. Thank you!
Thanks for that step-by-step guide, Arno ! ;)

And many thanks as well, for the vitally important "FS Magic" that you are making possible by your work with ModelConverterX and all your other utilities ! :D


Just wanted to sort of qualify my reason for not ever moving photoimages to match the default rwy alignments in FSX. These two images are of "Flying Dollar", a private landing strip in Pennsylvania. The first image is without anything done to the photo, I just compiled it in SBuilderX and loaded it in FSX. (the second image was color corrected with the blur added)

If you look at the top right edge and the upper left edge of the image and notice the alignment of the highway system in FSX with the roads from the photo. An almost perfect alignment. There are some water areas in the lower left that don't show very well here, but again, almost perfect alignment. That gives me three quadrants on the image that align more or less perfectly with the FSX default. Now take a look at the default rwy positioning. If I were to move the photo. . .there's no way that would work.

Also, I have probably done 30 airports this way and every one has been the same. I always have at least two sometimes three or even four areas on the photoimage that align perfectly with areas on the default landscape and that have a rwy that is off. . .sometimes just a little, other times (only one actually) as much as a quarter mile. With those positive reference points I don't see any reason to move the photo.
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