Has anyone done or tried this with airports and mesh....

I was thinking...and I have not tried it yet, but posting first since I am already here.... Between the newest 18/36 runway at KCVG and the now middle 18/36 runway there are many hills and valleys...very distinct area... Has anyone done this and if so, did it work well or is it not possible at all for some reason...?

When doing the flatten and the excludes what if you pretty much cut out all areas that are not taxiways, tarmacs, runways, etc.... This way if you have some really detailed MESH installed it would maybe allow those areas to LOOK way more natural. Thus, if I have some great 10m, 5m, or 3m mesh those rolling hills and valleys would actually show up giving a real life look...

Just wondering...

Yes Greg,
I've been on and off for ages trying to get around to do an update of my released version of KCVG
this pic between the runways is the default airport, i just cut a hole in the overall flatten to reveal what was the default airport area, took me 2 mins to do
if needed i could easily add a landclass of various types over that part


Nice.. Thanks!! Will play with that.

I hope to have my Free version ready shortly. Doing a payware version also with all the actual buildings modeled as well as the ground. I'm heading down after Thanksgiving for a tour so I can actual pics of areas the public can't get to. Should be fun!