FSX:SE Having trouble entering timezone info for a fictional airport


I've been trying to set up some flights to and from a fictional airport in the Bahamas (MAIW - Works Field - the fictional venue for the Military AI Works 1st anniversary airshow released a long time ago) using the latest version of AIFP, and have entered most of the info-name, location etc, into the AIFP database in the usual way and thats been fine. However, the program isn't letting me create any flightplans to or from the airport because it doesn't have any timezone info. I go into the timezone editor and try to enter the offset (-5) and it says its saved, but it never actually saves so I cannot progress further. Do you have any idea what is going on and how I can fix it?


Resource contributor
The timezone for The Bahamas is already in the database but a problem using it was recently discovered - and fixed. (See earlier posts in this forum.) Download and install the latest AIFP Development Release from http://stuff4fs.com.

Thanks very much indeed, I will do that. Apologies for not seeing where the issue was mentioned, my searching skills obviously leave a lot to be desired.