HDG Indicator Adjust Knob

Hey, I am using this mouse callback:

BOOL FSAPI HeadingInd_Knob_mcb( PPIXPOINT arg1, FLAGS32 mouse_flags )
if( mouse_flags & MOUSE_LEFTSINGLE )
trigger_key_event(KEY_GYRO_DRIFT_DEC, 0); // CCW

if ( mouse_flags & MOUSE_RIGHTSINGLE )
trigger_key_event(KEY_GYRO_DRIFT_INC, 0); // CW
return true;

to try to adjust the heading in the heading gyro manually with the knob. I thought it was working at one time, but now the knob refuses to move, on both the default that comes with the C172, and the one I made.

The gyro works fine and shows the current mag heading. Gyro drift is enabled in realism.

Any ideas?

Edit: Must be something else going on that is keeping it locked up as the FS version works fine on other panels. So, after some rest, I'll have another go at it. =)
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All fixed.

Just had to change to the correct HI type in the aircraft.cfg. So many things to remember to do!