Head-up Guidance (HGS) - another milestone


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Frankly speaking, when I started to experiment I was a bit skeptic whether it is feasible to do in old-good FSX a Head-up Guidance (HGS) as seen in the videos below:

Now I am surprised myself by the results:

The most amazing thing is that is works as I wanted it to be :) , i.e. the synthetic vision overlay embedded in the classic HUD is visible more in poor conditions while it is transparent in clear visibility !

Below the POC results:
Ne le dis pas à ma femme, s'il te plaît :)
D'accord :)
(you are french or translator used? :p)

That is really cool. Great work. ;)

Is this implemented in many aircraft in the real world?

only 1 or 2 private planes, but, it make we want to create a fictional liner aircraft (just to use this :) ) unfortunately, I ca,'t crate flyable objects on blender (not talented enough, I can still create some plans for the one who want to take the challenge :p
like a magic eye

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no, it is my second working language which I try to avoid as I speak awfully ...

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I do not think we'll see it in production in the near future but as you can see it is ready for FSX/P3D

It would be really cool to see this implemented in some current FSX/P3D models. It looks like you have it in the F-35, which I would imagine it is really suited to; it's the kind of technology I'd imagine that jet would be using. The Raptor and the VRS F/A-18 Superhornet are a few more I can imagine it working in.

It would be really cool to see this implemented in some current FSX/P3D models.
Exactly! I don't have a clue how this works in FS but it would be nice to see it as an option, or as an external library, which could provide additional functionality for a desired aircraft (like AES, FSEconomy, GSX, you name it...) instead of being part of a particular aircraft model - after all, FS is a simulated reality, not an exact copy of it.

Once again, congratulations on your achievement and ALL the BEST!!!


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The block 52+ F-16s can also use FLIR feed from the LANTIRN pod in the HUD.
Is this using the terrain to draw an overlay, or somehow alpha-ing through the clouds?
Just to be clear, it is not a FLIR system. As you can see there are no objects on the terrain, just terrain, grid lines and runways. It is a pure synthetic vision overlay rendered on the HUD i.e. it is the same technique as in the top post videos and it works more less as the real thing, i.e. it has a little latency when making dynamic moves, and it is blending with the outside view, i.e. the less you see, the dimmer SVS overlay is rendered. I am using the same Synthetic Vision engine as in my previous post:


I dunno how this Rockwell thing is evolving and when it will be produced on regular basis, but after spending a flight test weekend with my own HGS-SVS implementation, the feeling is incredible. I have got already used to fly virtually with classics SVS, however still you are distracted by looking in front of you and PFD at the same time. Having SVS in front of your eyes that is scaled exactly as the real outside view is amazing and flying in the fog becomes natural with the "magic eye". I think it is like with the classic HUD, it brought a small "revolution" compared to classic instruments on the main panel.

When I started experimenting I was afraid that even though I am using the same spatial reference system (SRS) I would not be able to scale it to FSX ratio. How Rockwell scaled their HGS SVS with the real view ? That must have been a challenge ....

FS but it would be nice to see it as an option, or as an external library
well yes, it is a external library, but as it is an instrument (in fact it is just and overlay) still it needs integration with existing systems , either HUD or PFD, MFD etc... The library itself is customizable and allows integration with any aircraft.