FS2004 Helicopter sound help please

Good day to all

Is there any way to edit the sounds of helicopters to give a more prominent blad slap sound when increasing the throttle?if so can anyone please help me with this?

I have read the fs9 aircraft sdk but i am still struggling with the volume parameters.

Some aircraft have one continous sound, and i really would like to improve it a bit.

Kind regards and thank you in advance.
Hello PDT

Yes, it is possible and I've done some enhancements for the fs9 as well. The problem you may have, is that you should set Windows Media player volume first. In my PC, I use a setting for volume about 12-15% in Windows Media player and when you are in the simulator, set the engine volume around 30%.

I have read the fs9 aircraft sdk but i am still struggling with the volume parameters.
I am not sure what were you doing there; the SDK does not mentioned nothing about Blade slap; this is because it uses "out of the book" tricks; who wrote those scripts is very clever! That works for me. On the other hand, for editing sounds, I use the old Adobe Audition 1.0.

I hope this might be helpful.
Hi antaris,thank you for the reply...but i think you might be misunderstanding me...so let me try and clarify...

The best example i can use is between the default bell 206 and the freeware Jordan More bell uh 1huey form hovercontrol.com

The default bell 206 when you fly(or takeoff) in spot view has one continous sound alround and sounds nothing compared to the real thing.

The Jordan Moore huey when you yake off in spot view you can clearly hear the sound changing to a more deeper and louder sound,as the throtlle increases and visa versa when the throtlle decreases in goes softer...

Thats what i want to accomplish a more deeper and louder sound as the throttle increases,i know its something to do with the .air file and the sound.cfg

In the sound.cfg there are settings for Vparam and Rparam,Vparam is the volume envelope as far as i understand but configuring that is a guessing game for me as i do not fully understand how the volume parameter is "read".

Hopefully this clears a few things and hopefully you can help me with this.

Kind regards

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Hello again.

Opss... I think I can't answer this. I guess blade slap is not designed to work in spot view; that's because Mr. Stephan Siebertz has reached FS9s limitations with this. Check blade slap manual for Mr. Stephan Siebertz email. He is the one to answer this question.

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The ESP SDK might offer some insight into the parameters, save for anything related to sound cones.

Some cross checking between the FS9 SDK documentation might still be in order though.

Regarding rparams and vparams, the "generic number" is, as far as I can remember (I have only a little experience with jet engine sounds), RPM or throttle related. Not sure if this also applies to helicopters.
Once again Thank you Heretic will check the link,

I have played around with the r and v params...but its tedious and takes avery long time to configure to the right sound.

Kind regards

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Sergio has added bladeslap and increasing slap (if that's what is called) when pulling collective in his 429 and he has added this to the S76, Bell 222 and 206 I am working on for FS2004 and FSX. I can send examples for you to try out if you like.
Hi eurostar350

Thanks that would be great,i just would love to improve on some off the add on helis i have...for some reason,helicopter sounds are very intoxicating!

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