Help! Adding Gauges to Payware

I have SimLab's Concorde X. I love this aircraft but I find it a bear to navigate compared to PMDG's 747-400X and Eaglesoft's Citation X. I stumbled across Ernie Alston's custom gauges: and I want to add the SMITH Style FMS and a few other gauges to the Concorde X's virtual cockpit. Can I do this?

Can I simply find the code in the panel.cfg for the area in red

and replace it with the FMS? I have a feeling I am over simplifying this.

You should be able to 'if' its not 3D gauges.

If those are literally 'buttons' with gauge code attacked into the model's 3D mesh (compiled with the code attached) then no. You would have to have your version of gauges in a pop-up and be satisfied with that.

If the 'mesh' (objects, buttons, parts) have a gauge 'texture' applied, you would find that in the panel config file (the name of the texture, such as $ or something) and you would open up the config in FS Panel Studio, locate the selection and edit in your new gauges via names and locations.

I have a feeling though that this is not the case from what I think I see. Hard wired XML in a 3D model is sort of like written in stone. There might be one guy on Earth that could possibly edit the code for you, and I dont know if he has been born yet. Might have to wait...


Lefteris Kalamaras

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The simple answer is: "it's not doable in the VC".

The reason is what you suspected: The model is built in 3d, so it's not just a graphical representation of a flat surface (a 2d panel gauge) which you can replace simply by changing its rectangle coordinates. It's a fully rendered three dimensional object which integrates with the systems code directly.

You would have better luck simply adding the FMC in your 2d panel and having a keyboard shortcut to open/close it.

The area in red is part of the INS navigation system on Concorde. It used triple mixing (i.e three CDU's) to reduce track errors. You "should" only be using this method for navigation in Concorde. Learn how to use it properly. If you have any issues as to why it isn't working or why "you" can't get it to work (more likely as it is the most comprehensive and functional gauge available!!) then go here
Once you have mastered its workings you will be very proud. Don't try to replace it as it's not authentic to do so!