Help installing FS2004 SDKs..

Hey arno,

Ive downloaded the new SDKs and after re-installing GMAX I cant get the new SDKs installed.

By default, the SDKs were installed to a folder:

C://Program Files/FS2004SDK

When I go to GMAX, I no longer can export as an Aircraft / Scenery etc. All I get is to export it as Plasma.

Where should the SDKs be put?

Thanks in advance,



Staff member
Hi Daryl, :wave:

You have installed some of the SDK's, but you still need to install the GMAX SDK (which actually installs to c:\gmax\).

This will add a few folders and setup for you. The installation instructions are in the download. (Which, now I come to think of it, may install FIRST the files to c:\program files\fs2004sdk)