P3D v4 Help needed with 3D Gear Indicator Gauge Lights in Blender.

I have produced an undercarriage indicator gauge that uses three green and three red objects tagged with the gear lever to move forwards and backwards through the gauge to act as indicator lights as the gear extends and retracts. Although this works, it does not seem right and there is no glow or brightness to the lights.

I have looked at the SDK and played around with the visibility, attaching light_gear_nose_red / light_gear_nose_green etc, but can't seem to get that working. I have also tried tagging the lights with effects, but there are no effects to select in Blender.

Is there a better way to produce the lights for the undercarriage indicator gauge?



Resource contributor
I don't know anything about Blender, but in Max Materials dialog I assign "Additive" as the blend mode. This lights up the polygons all the time day or night.