Help! So were does a person go to get some?

More or less venting I guess. Posted something in SDK forum yesterday, several views 1 replay...Thanks Bill.
However, no solutions. When a noobie is on a developer forum, and can't seem to get an answer, were else do you look for help?

Only way to get help on the P3D site is via forum.....oh yay! Same issue. Is this gotten to a point of
"I got mine, your on your own." That seems to be a prevalence I have seen from numerous
sites I recall were help used to be readily available.

When you are new, at trying something, do some searching watch tuts..etc, the only option you have is
to find a site that may offer some assistance. You just want to find out if what you want to accomplish is possible.

As others, you want to try and start your project, but you really don't want to wait days, weeks, months to hopefully get some insight to your query.
So, you wait patiently for an answer, after all this is a developers site and or a support forum elsewhere.

You watch the view counter increase, maybe if your lucky you'll get a response, but mostly your query rolls off to another page of obscurity with none the wiser of your query.

You keep thinking, surely someone will have encountered this issue before, and will have a solution. However, a lot of the responses will be others who want to know as well.
Usually a noobie as I am. Then you hit that point were your GAS attitude arrives.....and you just give up. You weren't meant to even try this apparently.

I'm sure after some read this, it will turn into a flamefest....don't care. I would be willing to bet, there are some noobs out there that feel the same way.

Perhaps someday I'll try his again. Rioght now, my GAS is pretty low.
Flame Away!!

No flame here, just a casual observation. No idea what got you this worked up, but I would suggest that you give basket weaving a go. This is from someone that started from scratch about 20 years ago, and has spent a huge amount of time here and at other forums learning how to model and finally managed to get good at it. It would appear that you expect to get ultimate enlightenment in a single reply. Good luck with that! :laughing:
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Hey Robert, familiar with your work. You've certainly learned a lot in 20+. I guess it was a culmination of events that occurred this week and today(real life) Fri. 13th I guess.
Being that this was an issue with Max 2009, I thought it would be an easy quick answer since Max 2009 has been around awhile. I have the info I need to enhance my home field,
Lots of it.....I just don't understand even though Max loads fine the tools are there, why I get the tool not supported message. I thought with this given amount of time since max 2009 was relased,
someone would have a good Oh yeah I've seen that...sort of thing. If I need to go back to GMax, I can certainly do so, just didn't want to waste too much time working with Max if the tools wouldn't work for me.

Wasn't looking for ultimate, hoping for a quick solution to move forward. Basket Weaving.....hmm let me think about it..No! :) Thanks for your casual observation. Keep up the great work.

Have seen worse rants. Could be your problem has too many possible causes for a "quick solution". I'll give you something to chew on. See original post.


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A great deal of information has been archived in the Wiki here, including full instructions on how to set up and configure the SDK(s). Have you read those? Keep in mind also that all of us here are scattered all over the world, so there are times when it may take more than 24 hours before help will arrive. :wave:

I'm thinking that you are the ex-SWA pilot I met in Witchita, KS several years ago at the AVSIM Conference. As Mike suggested in his reply to your original post, try installing the P3Dv1.x SDK as it does have all of the required bits and bobs to work with Max 2009.
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Hi Bill, yes you remembered well. Cept, at least to my knowledge I'm not an Ex SWA pilot. Still have 7 more years knock on wood.

Yes, I did read the wiki as well. Looks like I need to revert to an older SDK to use my 2009 version. Got a 3 day starting Sunday, will revisit next week some time.
Got checked out in the MU2, looking forward to seeing the "Solitaire" someday.