Help th real world pilots!

Help the real world pilots!

Here in Germany the government plans to make a general Flight restriction for any VFR traffic during the FIFA world cup.
The plan to create 30NM restriction zones around the Stadiums all time.
This will inhibit any successful cross-country flight as well as normal flight operations at the airports inside the restriction zones.
There is a Petition at the government`s site with following aim:
1.restriction only during match and 3 hours before and after.
2.restriction for gliders only 3km radius.
Please sign following petition, because otherwise VFR-traffic will be disabled for 6 weeks in best flying season and in a big part of the country.
Greets from Germany
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I`m sorry, there is no english version, but everyone can sign. I will translate:
At the form, the entries are:
1.Last name 2. Title
3.First name
5.ZIP code (post code)
6.Street and number of house
the chek-box at the bottom means that you agree that your data is saved for this purpose.

Hope your able to sign it now.
Thanks for your interest,