Help with Doug Dawson's x64-bit sound dll


I have finally gotten around to looking at improving and adding sounds to my P3Dv4 setup. I used Doug Dawson's sound dll file for FSX and it worked a treat, but I am having some difficulties getting it to work in P3Dv4. I downloaded the newer 64-bit version for P3D from his website and followed the instructions for setting it up. I placed dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64.dll into the gauges folder and moved the ini file to a folder in my .\sound folder called CalloutA which also contains all my *.wav files (see pic). I then started to setup two files.

1) The panel file so that the ini file is located and then the wav files are called (see pic)

2) set up ini file (see pic)

I believe that that the paths are correct in order to find the ini file in the panel section as i dont get any errors on starting up p3d. But I'm not sure if what i have in the ini file is correct or not. I think the volume is correct as 0 is the max volume given the new set up?

Does anyone here know what i can do to get the wavs to work? Thanks


Hey EduHir,
Thanks for responding.

I think that's just because the dsd_fsx_xml_sound. is actually got the extension .ini, it's just that it is hidden by the column edge in windows explorer. As I said, I think the setup of finding the ini file is fine as I do not get any errors on starting up p3d. I had previously got these errors and now I don't hence, I believe them to be correct.


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Your installation certainly looks OK. If you put the debugger gauge element on the panel, do you get the right .ini file listed?
Also, are you certain the xml gauges driving the callouts are properly loading?

Hey Doug,

Thanks for your reply. Ok hopefully the setup is good then. However, I'm not too sure how that debugger works? Does it provide an output file somewhere? How do i run it?

Also, I have 2 .cab files that contain the xml files for the wavs in my gauges folder along with another .dll. However, this dll was the one i moved from FSX over to p3d, so perhaps this is the problem? a 32-bit not compatible with 64-bit?



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It won't provide file output, no. It will display the name of the config file the gauge is looking for. If you click on it, you can scroll through the LVar/sound combinations.
32 bit gauges are not compatible with the 64 bit version of P3D.

ok, then the dll is probably my issue then. However, here is what my debugger says. On all my sound outputs, I get

Loaded=0, Device=-1
Volume=0, pan=0, Frq=0

All my [config] values =0

CFG=C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Sound\CalloutA\dsd_fsx_xml_sound.ini


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OK, the device=-1 is telling us the sounds are not being loaded.
Can you ensure that P3D is running in Windowed mode and try this again? The gauge should be throwing popup error messages at you.
Its definitely in window mode, but i don't get any errors popping up. ill dig more into this when i have time. Assuming it is a dll problem, then i expect this is the major problem here. Ill get back to you. Thanks Doug!