P3D v3 Help with EDDF X-wind RWY Please

Hey guys been a while since I have been active in improving airports since most of my time has been beta testing AIG flightplans.
Maybe this has been fixed in the past or maybe no fix at all but I am trying to get ATC to depart aircraft on Rwy 18. All the other Rwys seem to be functioning just fine with 07L/25R, 07R/25L for arrivals only and 07C/25C for Departures only that means I need to use 18 for departures of most of the cargo aircraft at the NW part of the airport.
I tried using the X wind runways that Ray Smith used in his EDDF but still no results.
I have read and tried to understand Jim Vile's excellent tutorial and it seems that what Ray did should work.
Here is my AD4
EDDF-Screen shot.jpg
file and a screen shot. Hope you can help.
Thanks in advance.

Tom V.


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No responses. I guess everyone else is baffled as well. I would like to hear Ray's take on the problem. If there is no fix let me know.

Hi Tom

I'm new to this, but had some tips from Ray in sorting out EHAM.
I've come up with this,

26L/08R will be disabled as it's not within the crosswinds.
open and close the correct 'ends' of each runway and hopefully it will work

If not, let me know where it fails


Thanks for your help. I haven't been watching the thread very well as it looked like there was to be no response.
What did you mean by open and close the correct ends? Do you have to do that with the X wind runways?


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Normally you have to close both ends of a runway for ATC to recognize that. Closing is done in the runway's Properties in ADE.