Help with NW/SE points in ground2k4

Hi there..

Well im starting to use the ground2k4, and i have the beginners tutorial, i had folowed everething, but when you select a new project, then you give the name to it, then you choose the background image, then you have to choose the NW/SE points, well right here is were i have problems, i put the latitude and longitude in both of the points NW/SE, but when i put ok, it give a message that says "Error: (507) points to be verified". :banghead:

What can i do?? :confused: ... can someone help me, or where can i find a more detailed tutorial??..

Please help me...

Thank you.


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Have you read the tutorial about Ground2k4 that is available in the AvSim file library? It is called "Ground2k4 for beginners" and I think it should explain you in more detail how to setup a project.