Help with taxiway joining r/w

Well, I'm baaaaaack!

This time I'm trying to add a taxiway to a runway at KSZT. All goes well except the taxiway edge lines protrude half way onto the runway. (see attached)I have tried both 90 degrees and at an angle with no luck. I have also been following Mac's thread with interest. Also the taxiway edge lines on the fillet don't match up with the straight taxiway lines.

BTW, I just love this program. Thanks to Scruffyduck & all!

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Gary
I've just made the same connection to rwy 19 and it showed up perfectly
your pic looks like the taxiway is not connected to the black rwy line, can you hover your mouse over the the blue node ON the rwy where you have connected your taxiway to the rwy, and see if you get all three lines highlighted that come from this node

Hi Ray,

Thanks for the reply. That was it! Rookie mistake, but I'm learning! Now back to creating. :)
Thats good,the pic was a great help,
the fault finder should also pick that up,
it will come up as an orphan node
happy creating :)