Hopefully someone can save me time and or headaches.

Hello everyone, I'm trying my hand at a little bit of airport enhancement and modeling. I have a student version of Max 2009. I have installed the latest P3d 4.x and latest SDK.

I installed both the 64/32 bit version of 3DSMax 2009 (student). All registration,serial number etc went fine with Autodesk. I then followed the steps here to install the 3ds Max plugins, using the 3DSM2009 plugins.

Obviously the 64bit Max won't work with 2009. However, the 32 bit loads up fine. Also, load as administrator. I can see my Aces Tools just fine. However, when I click on each tool, I get a tool not supported message. Did a search here, couldn't find any definitive info.

Am I going to be able to create/modify my airport in P3d4.3x with Max 2009 (student) using this SDK? I'm a noobie to all this. If I'm wasting my time working with Max 2009 and P3D4.3, are there any alternatives to accomplish my goal.

Could it be I didn't have any project loaded when clicking on each tool? Do I have to have something created for the tool to do anything? Any options or input appreciated. Right now I seem to be making EZ Hard for my goal. Some insight please.

Or, do I simply want to load the FSX SDk to use for my P3d4.x. Thanks again for any insight.

I use the Prepar3D SDK. So I might not be of much help. But, that said, isnt there a setup program in the SDK that you click on and everything in the SDK is suddenly 'linked' to each other and then becomes fully functioning? I forget what its called. Something like... I just found it in an ancient FSX SDK folder I still had. Its called 'ConfigSDK.exe'. I think when you run that, then everything in the SDK is linked and suddenly it should all work.

Hope you get it running.

Okay some stabs in the dark.

Yes, of course, start a project, just a cube. Give the project a GUID, or is that not possible to begin with?

Show a screenshot of your working screen and the menu bar and the error message.

Make doubly and 100% sure you are loading the 32-bit version, not the 64.

You could also test the SDK setup by loading and exporting something via ModelConverterX.

You could also install the rock bottom P3D V1.4 SDK, following the instructions on how to make it work with Max 2009. V1.4 isn't bad at all, I use it all the time myself, above all, it ensures FSX compatibility.

That's all the hints I can give atm.


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You're wasting your time trying to get Max 2009 to work with the SDK for P3D 4.x, it does not support versions of Max earlier than 2012. Use an earlier version of the SDK :– 1.4 does include support for Max 2009, as does v2.x. I don't remember if 3.x does, you'd need to check the download first.

I'm afraid the SDK documentation is not always as up to date as the tools.

Don't delete the 4.x SDK without at least backing up its version of XToMDL.exe to a safe location. The business of compiling a model is in two stages, whichever version you're building for. First export from Max, then compile the resulting .X (and .XANIM if there's animations) file to a .MDL with XToMDL. The correct version of XToMDL will be needed to compile native P3D 4.x models, although for scenery this might be unnecessary.

Hope this saves headaches, or even helps. ;)
Hello Tom, this is exactly the info I was looking for to move forward. Thank You, you saved me a lot of time.
I'll check and see if version 3.x of SDK will work with Max2009. Thank You again for your info.
Apologies didn't respond sooner, just got in from flying a 3 day trip.