Horrible lines in sketchup, a different problem.

I have come across this issue while using sketchup. This is the first time that I have noticed the problem, and I have done lot of different vegetation textures. There are these unsightly lines on the sides that ruin the scenery. At first I thought it may be that I didn't do a good job creating the transparency in photoshop, so I did them again, several times, but the lines do not go away. I really like this grass textures, so can someone point out what it is that I am doing wrong?
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Bit hard to see, but looks like a normal moiré effect. What DXT compression are you using for your transparent textures?
Had to google moire' effect:). I believe that it is DXT3 on that particular texture. The lines sort of have an animated effect, moving slowly up and down the sides, and disappearing when you get close. I was wondering, what I do is create a rather large group of vegetation in sketchup, then import them to the scenery area. Usually I expand the group once in the scenery as needed for height, area, etc. so I thought that perhaps stretching the textures by doing that was the problem, but then again I have not noticed that effect before.
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Another possibility is that you have mapped the vegetation right to the edge of the texture, and the opposite edge of the texture is a darker color. When FS mipmaps the vegetation texture, if mapped right to the edge of the texture FS will take pixels from the opposite edge of the texture. I.e., if mapped all the way to the left edge of the texture it will take pixels from the right edge of the texture and combine them.

The solution is to either restrict the mapping to 2-5 pixels away from the edges, or make the right edge of the texture identical to the left edge (and other opposing edges too if needed).
Thanks Tom, I need to carefully read your post. Usually I leave enough room when doing the vegetation in Sketchup, after creating the transparency in PS. I am running into a different issue now totally unrelated, but still sketchup related, so I guess will create new post.