How best to do seasons in SBuilderX with a satellite background image?

Hello Everyone,

I am building three new airports that were missing in FSX using SBuilderX and ADE. Three Russian airfields that were waypoints for the Silver Spitfire round the world flight. Process is going well. I have a single background image using SBuilderX for the summer months for each airport location. I have seen the Seasons tab in SBuilderX map properties where there are files for each season and nighttime. Right now in my program all of those files are identical.

My question is where in the FSX structure can I find sample picture files of the various seasons at these locations. Or do I need to go to the airport location, and take screenshots as I progress through the months of the year? This does not seem to be the best way to proceed.

Please reply and advise. Thanks!
For each season you need an own background picture on which the corresponding season is shown.
If there are no other background images available, you only have the possibility to change the existing image accordingly.
In FSX, a photo scenery is only displayed if it has been compiled before.