FSXA How Can I Correct This?

Been running into this problem lately. The top front end loader is static. The lower is animated. Where am I causing such problems when trying to animate? Looks fine in FSDS 3.5.1. Looks great in MCX. But FSX is a no go. Bucket, Lift Arms, Front End and Rear End, and wheels are animated. Axis centered during animation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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May it is due to bad X-Y-Z alignment of one of the parts and/or a bad parent-child settings.

You have written : "Axis centered during animation". I fix all my axes BEFORE programming animation.
jpfil, when you say you *fix* axis before programming - are you letting FSDS center axis to part, or are you manually moving the axis to a pivot point as a example?
Sorry for my bad englilsh. I have to write "set" in place of "fix".

I remember that that modifying axis (normal or "ambient" part) AFTER programming never give a good result. I have to SET all the axis BEFORE adding animation. That's mean that yes I have to set the pivot point BEFORE adding animation.
Yes, I tried it both ways. What was interesting was it showed perfect in MCX (ModelConverterX). A friend suggested using *Export Object* in MCX. Make sure you are in the mdl window before naming the model. I did that and it showed up perfect in FSX.
I nerver try with MCX. I always did that in FSDS.

Good if it works for you.

Yes sometimes MDL show fine in FSDS and MCX but not in FSDS. It appends to me but... I dont remember what I did to solve...!