How can i edit an airport polygon??...

Hi everybody...

I would like to know how can i edit an airport polygon, i know that it can be done with the ground2k4 and the sbuilder, but both of them gave me a problem.... :banghead: .... the ground2k4 send me an error with something of the lenguage, somebody tell me that i have to download something for the windows, and the sbuilder give a "run-time error 339" it says "Component 'TABCTL32.OCX' or one of it dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid".
Please if someone can give me the reason of those errors please tell me, or if someone recomend me another utility to edit the polygon tell me to..

Thank you...


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First, you can not edit existing polygons with these programs. In both of them you will have to exlcude the current and then draw a new one yourself.

I can't help you with Ground2k4 if I don't know the exact error. But probably you will have to install the file mentioned in the error.

The same for SBuilder. Make sure TABCTL32.OCX is installed on your system. If it is, but you still get the error, you will have to register it with Windows.