How can i edit the SCASM Smooth Surface Code?

Hi Guys !!

im new at making FSX Scenery i made my own company and called it Project 79.
now im working on Abha airport.

im faceing a problem that i want to get smooth surface in FSX using the SCASM Tweak
but i could not understand how can i edit this code :

Header( 1 53.3 50.9 6.9 4.3 )
LatRange( 53.3 50.9 )

Area( 5 52.307832 4.765108 20 )

RefPoint( 7 : 1 52.307832 4.765108 v1= 20000 )
SurfaceType( 0 8000 8000 0 )
What is the Header, LatRange, Area And ReferencePoint and where can i find it ?

i have all of the information of the airport here :

What should i put in the header and the rest of the code ?

Sorry guys i don't work with codes a lot :)

Picture of the scenery :

Thanks guys :)


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You need to enter the coordinates of your airport in the area and refpoint. The header and latrange should contain coordinates that cover your entire area (min and max values).