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Blender How can i use only one tile of a tileable texture in the final texture map instead of baking the whole uv

I remember that in the past with sketchup and modelconverterx that was how i textured my buildings, i would just apply the tileable/seamless textures in skecthup and modelconverterx created the texture map that only included onetile of the texture pattern while in blender i uv unwrap my meshes and bake the textures which is great because you can bake ao but therefore impacts the texture resolution. For example i modeled and textured a parking lot and the facade is 4 floors of the same tileable repeated texture and when i bake that even in 4k it looks bad annd id rather just have it the other way i just described to improve the texture quality, how can i achieve that in blender?
I hope you understand what i mean. dont really know how to describe it properly.
Assuming your final target is MSFS, you will scale your object UVs to be larger than your tile/texture. This will cause the texture to repeat or “tile” on the oversized faces. To do this, unwrap your object, select the face(s) that you want to apply the tile in the UV Editor, and scale (keyboard shortcut ‘s’) selected faces to be larger than the UV Map (or image if you have one displayed.

BTW, in Blender, you can achieve nice tiling in the node editor by using the Texture Coordinate node, connecting the UV to the vector of a Mapping node, adjust the scale in the Mapping node and then connecting the factor to Image Texture nodes. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get this same node setup to work with MSFS Materials.
The tiling system you mentioned is great and useful, however it has limitations. The biggest one is you then need many maps for each object/material or many single material objects. I find the best option is to map the model hiwever you choose without regard to the Blender2msfs , . Bake your albedo, rgb and metal from that and you won’t need vector nodes Or tiling as that has been “baked” in to a texture map. Now plug those maps into blende2msfs and you are good to go.but to the topic. All the way to the left of the node groups, add the vector management node, the long one. plug a noodles from it output to the msfs nodes to the right. Plug the origin node (not at computer so forget it‘s name) to the input. Of that, use sliders to. Scale away Without making oversized uv. The catch... you texture better be high res or it will pixilated. That in turn SLO’s down rendering and takes more room. Hence the solution.. bake!
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