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How delete runway number and arrowheads?

I am using photoscenery for my runway and all markings. I have successfully deleted every marking except for the runway arrowheads, some people call them chevrons. Cannot see where to delete these...
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In addition, how do I remove the hold shorts as well?

Also, if I remove these things, will this affect the AI planes? I still want the AI planes to behave normally in airports.
You may need to have short sections of zero-width paths to prevent texture bleed (especially on entrances to runways).
Thanks guys, so far was able to remove everything except these two things, the stop bar and the single arrow.

You might have duplicate afcads or ADEs other name. Remove it once you have one ADE. You need to rename AF2_XXX.bgl changes to bak.

If you have to use displaced thresholds (like I often have to do), the arrow is not removable. So I use a ground poly to hide it.
It is never necessary to use displaced thresholds with photo-scenery and invisible runways. Just remove displaced thresholds, blastpads and other markings.

Position the runway (anywhere) such that AI operate satisfactorily.


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If the airport has a displaced threshold in real life how would you make the AI aircraft operate properly without creating a displaced threshold in ADE?
It depends what you mean by "properly". By judicious positioning of the "invisible" runway and apron paths, AI can operate satisfactorily.

In fact in the image shown above, the displaced threshold is so short, it can be removed and AI will operate properly.
If I can buy into this discussion, I too am trying to make the displaced threshold arrows invisible. It would seem that with P3D we can make every element of an airport runway to not show except these threshold arrows. I accept that it would be possible to shorten the runway so you do not need to have a displaced threshold but I prefer to keep the runway length in line with the airport charts so I need to have a displaced threshold. Surly there must be or should be an option to make the threshold arrows "no show".

There is an option in ADE to select 'No Threshold End Arrows" but that seems to be unrelated.

Ideas anyone?