P3D v4 How do I create smooth slopes?

Hi, I would like to make my airport look more realistic and would like to blend it into Orbx. Some parts of the exclude match up to the elevation, while other parts do not. I have read that you can create "edit individual points" or create "triangular polys". Would I need to do this?

-Thanks, Ollie
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Probably, but I never looked for such. However, it's no rocket science doing it in ADE. You only would have to place polygons (in your pictured case I would use flatten triangles with ticked "individual points", indeed) fitting with one side to the edge of your airport flatten and having a common edge in their middle. Start your sim, connect ADE and place your aircraft right over the common vertices of both being not joint to the airport flatten. Select one vertex (not the whole triangle) and ADE will give you the opportunity setting its altitude as it is at the aircraft's position. Repeat this with the respective vertex of the second triangle.

Actually, I'm trying to avoid sharp corners of flatten polygons, allowing to use even rectangular polygons which worked well for me in most cases. In your example I would place a flatten triangle at airport level across the rectangular corner before trying to blend it as described before.

Don's Terrain Sculpture Pro is a mighty and complex tool, but it sometimes tends to react in an unexpected manner (@gadjets: Sorry Don, I didn't had the time for reporting and I even used the old TS from time to time.). I would use it in case of more complex terrain anomalies around the airport. Unfortunately it's still neither able reading nor writing ADE's file format directly. However, it allows importing BGL files containing all kind of polygons (usually having somewhere 'CVX' in their name).
Hi Ollie:

Certainly there can be some scenarios which call for the CVX vector "sloped" flattens described above.

However, a quick inspection in Google Earth Desktop Edition shows that is an area which is unlikely to require a terrain 'fix'.


NOTE: Install Google Earth Desktop Edition and un-ZIP, then double-click the attached *.KMZ file to 'jump' to this area ;)

I believe you would be rather impressed with how that relatively small area could look with a custom photo-real imagery BGL.

You can use SBuilderX to create such a custom photo-real imagery BGL.

You would otherwise have the option to merely drape a custom photo-real texture layer onto the terrain mesh at that location (which would already be provided by either FS / P3D default or OrbX FTX scenery), and blend its edges into the underlying scenery.

You could then place custom annotations of Autogen on that custom photo-real imagery area.

FYI: A terrain mesh-clinging custom photo-real texture BGL is different than a flat 3D MDL 'Ground Polygon' (aka "G-Poly").

While you 'could' still use certain CVX vector objects at assigned elevations, they can otherwise be made so that they are terrain mesh-clinging ...in either ADE or SBuilderX.

You can also add airport objects via ADE, such as "Other Start" Locations to add Southdown into the FS / P3D airport list.

Hope this helps with exploring your options for a scenery at that picturesque location. :)



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