FS2004 How do I find Freq radio NAV for lights on requested?

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I noticed AIS airports in Australia some Western Australia airports have blue light edge turn on while taxiing on the runway turn Freq NAV blue lights on then ready roll take off turn blue lights off. How do I find addon Frequency lights on NAV If I select radio with lights on? Do we have ADE9 compatibility?

Please let me know and where can I install addon?

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I assume that AFLT can do this for you. Announcement of v4 beta is here:


As for the frequencies, this link has charts with frequencies for pilot controlled lighting.


Click I Agree, then click one of the DAP links, then Aerodrome and Procedure Charts.
Then find the airport(s) you are interested in, and click the Aerodrome Chart link.
If I do this for Albany (YABA), I find that the lighting is controlled by tuning 127.85.

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I thought you might have to click the I Agree button on my page before they would allow you to use your link, I didn't know.