FSX How many .bgl files should be used?


Resource contributor
Is terms of performance, is it better to use several .bgl files in one airport or 1-2 .bgl files that all the objects are placed in?

dave hoeffgen

Resource contributor
The less files the better AFAIK.
one containing all the objects, one containing all placement (of objects that are placed multiple times),
and the rest I think has to be seperate anyway.
IMHO the quantity and quality of content will dictate performance far more than a file count will.

I have seen good addons with tons of files and bad addons with few.

Some devs split object placement out into several files so the end user can easily disable elements by removing certain files.

That is kinda nice for users with less than powerful PCs. As an example, I used to always remove any file with "fence" in it as they always killed performance for me and add very little to the visual experience if you stay in the cockpit.