How Sketchup 8 Responds to New Nvidia Update Driver

Hi all,

I don't know if any of you have had this problem. Two days ago, I updated my Nivida graphics card with the latest updated driver, and now this is how Sketchup 8 responds when I draw a line to delete the object in the opening screen:


After launching Sketchup, Windows goes to the Basic Windows 7 Theme instead of remaining in the Aero Theme, and has never done this until after I updated the driver. It does not do this in later versions of Sketchup, such as Sketchup 2017. Have any of you experience this for those of you that have Sketchup 8?

It goes to show that most of the time, later versions, or updated drivers is no better than the previous, and many times, it's slower than the previous, and it seems like it takes images longer now to render. I may uninstall this update and go back to the previous, but I'll wait until I see what responses I get and if there's a fix. Yes, I completely un-installed the previous driver and I followed Nick's tutorial that's posted at Flight1 forum.

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