How to add night texture in photoreal ?

I have created photoreal for a vast region with 140 tiles with sbuilderx. If I try to load night texture thats _LM via sbuilder, it takes forever for a file to load.

I tried editing INF file and added LM via that, then used resampler.exe to compile to BGL. It processed Day and night but when I checked in FSX, only day shows up even during night time.

How do Photoreal scenery developers create night textures for a vast city region?
Difficult to explain here. If we were on Skype I could take ya through it via screen share. find me as Robert Lacy (in Ione, WA) or as jyarddog. Try one or the other.

Basically you take your bmp to your paint program ( I use PSP) Make one layer with black at about 70% transparency. Then Make a small yellow or orange-like color brush as a fuzzy round brush. opacity set at 100% and hardness about 46 - 50 ish. Size is up to you. click once with your brush anywhere you want a street light and such. When done, run your black layer up to about 92% (might have to play with this a bit). Then............... Do a SAVE AS..... and ch oose Tiff and do not change the file name but add this _N juuuust before the dot ( like this xxxxxxx_N.tiff) LM does not cut it at all. Once done go compile. when done you will see the inf file with your bmp, your blend mask, and your tiff file. Any questions - scare me up here or at