FSXA How to apply a texture 90 degrees rotated?

I have a probably simple to solve 'problem', but I cannot find the solution in the manual.
I have a wavedplate-texture for a roof that when applied at the objectside, shows op 90 degrees rotated compared to the direction that I would want it to be.

I can ofcourse create a different texture on which the rooftexture is displayed rotated 90 degrees.
I can also manipulate exchange the directions of the x and Z axis at the object.
But I suspect there is a more simple way to rotate the application direction.
Does anyone know the correct way to do it ?

Greetings !
Bram Stikkel
Easiest way is to rotate the axis 90 degrees - it's probably the simplest way - you can select rotation in degrees, and specify only the axis in the options box. That way it would be nice and clean. If there are animations, that will make things slightly more tricky.
I dont understand exactly the question (not very bilingual) but... when I want to rotate a texture I simply rotate clockwise the object, apply the texture then rotate counter-clockwise the object. Attention, if I open the texture interface of the object (when it is selected) and I quit the interface by clicking OK the texture will rotate.
Perhaps the easiest way would be to make an identical texture but rotate it 90. Call it the same but with A or B or whatever... like this.... roof-wood. and rotated... roof-wood-A