How to check for unused textures?

Hey all,

Is there a way to look for un-used textures? A way that is fast? Can Max produce a list of the textures used? Can MCX produce such a list?

Bill of the gray, huge, shiny, metallic eyebrow people...
You are rissing a good question, I would also like to know about such a function. MCX has a function which allows to search for missing textures. I thought that TextureManager from Don Grovestine has such a function, but there is no such function included.
For searching for missing textures, there are several utillities available. One of them is BGLScan which is part of the SDK. Another one is "fslibscan11", by Michael Heise (2007!), found on the AVSIM Library. For AI Aircraft there are also some utilities available, but I found none for un-used textures!
Found a way....

Open the MDL file in MCX outside of its domain (outside of the sim where its no longer linked to its textures).

When its opened, at the bottom of MCX is a list lot of errors and things. It will also list missing textures. Since all missing textures are there, that is your list of textures it will use. Thats it... You then click the notepad icon on the bottom left of MCX to write to text the report. The report is your copy-able text list you can use to sort your textures by.


Thanks again Arno for MCX. Brilliant work, man.
Have you taken a look at Find_All_Duplicate ? It was originally written for FS2002, I know for sure it works in FS9. I'm not sure about FSX/P3D, but I think it should work in FSX, at least.

You can find it on FlightSim's library. Located HERE.

Is that close to what you were looking for?
I havent seen that, Pat. Thanks for the heads up.

I also found that some of my files I know I needed in the package didnt show in the MCX list. Thats not good. So I put in the ones I knew go in there, (only a couple of them) and ran it through FSX / P3D. No missing textures. I weeded out quite a few unused textures! :)