How to determine if a gauge is FS98 style?


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That depends. All FS98 style gauges supplied by Microsoft will have this in the Properties\Version section of the file (right-click on .gau file in Windows Explorer, choose "Properties":

"Flight Simulator 98 Module"

Sometimes you can guess from the name, for example:


In the case above it's pretty obvious since newer FS gauges rarely are "singletons," meaning only one gauge per file.

Also, the "creation date" is a pretty good indicator. Any gauge file with a date from 2001 or earlier is without question an older, non-compatible gauge... :)
Thanks Bill,
Yes, the properties/description is a step in the right direction, I hadn't realized that was there. But it's not universal.

I was hoping there was an existing tool that could look at a directory containing .gau files and list all the FS98 style gauges.

Interestingly, FSX called some gauges that had FS2000 and even FS2002 in their description an FS98 gauge.

Is there a string or some string of bytes that can be searched for in a .gau file that shows whether or not it's an FS98 gauge?

The reason being, in converting planes to FSX, I'd like to have a quick way to determine which gauges are FS98 gauges for any given panel.

FS Panel Studio is very good for this, but I was hoping to help others convert planes, and not everybody has this tool or wants to purchase it.