How to exclude photoreal scenery?

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I have installed BlueSkyScenery Las Vegas and Honolulu and they are beautiful. there is one problem, however: the scenery covers up parts, or the entire, airport as made by FSDT. So, at PHNL I see the BBS photoscenery instead of the ground textures as made by FSDT. I want to try and exclude parts of the BBS scenery, so that I can make a "cut-out" of PHNL and KLAS so that the BBS photoscenery (the high-res) and the airports can live together happily ever after. problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to do this; this is my first scenery design project. I have SBuilder and searched high and low for a tutorial or instructions on how to do something of the kind. I was hoping people here can give some explanation...
Maybe I'm missing something, but wouldn't that be as simple as giving the FSDT sceneries priority over the photosceneries in the scenery library?

No, that doesn't work. Even if the FSDT airports have a higher priority in the library, they are still covered by the BSS high-res scenery.
I see, I wasn't paying attention to the BlueSkyScenery part, that's the 'textured polygons' type of photoscenery then I guess. I've never tried that, although I have a failed attempt at making one in Sbuilder to my credit :) .


IIRC, earlier Blue Sky FS9 textured polygon scenery was a FS2002 or FS2004 SDK VTP (type 1 ?) "Vector Textured Polygon". :idea:

IIRC, this scenery object type allowed blending of vector roads and other vector content with photo images textured onto vector terrain polygons to be placed at altitude via (triangulated ?) draping onto the terrain mesh.

IIUC, this VTP content is created with BGLComp, and is different from a FS SDK Resample output photo-realistic "custom land class" BGL.

I believe one should be able to exclude this object by creating a "exclude BGL" for that particular "layer" type and positioning it as a "Area" in the FS scenery library user interface 'stack of layers" just above the Blue Sky Scenery... and just below the FSDT scenery. ;)

Ground2K4 allows making FS2K[x] legacy-type (not FSX SHP2VEC) layer-number-specific VTP "exclude polygons" by hand.

DefArea by the same author Christian Fumey does the same by logging during a controlled flight.

Possibly SBuilder for FS9 or SBuilderX for FSX, or either ADE in either FS9 or FSX 'mode' can also create these types of excludes as well.

Some "background" info on this: <--(RE: FS8 vs. FS9 "Layer" Number Changes)*&Sort=Added&ScanMode=1&Go=Change+View

BTW: Assuming this is project was for FSX, the latest Terrain SDK allows use of a *.TIF gradient "blend mask" in a multi-source INF file.

IIUC, that methodology can blend both FSX CVX vector or photoreal source content into display above underlying default or 3rd party add-on legacy LWM / VTP or FSX vector or photoreal scenery layers, "IF" all layers 'intended to be blended'... are accounted for in the INF file when processed by FSX SDK Resample.

Hope this helps ! :)

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