FS2004 How to find texture with weird format


I often have blurred textures in an Scenery which have more than 1000 files in the Texture folder (mix of DXT1 & DXT3).
As I read in the forums, this usually happens when one of the textures has a format that FS2004 doesn't like.

How can I find that texture? because all the textures are .bmp but I have no information about the kind of bmp.

I can use ImageTool to convert a lot of files into DXT1, but... which files?

Is there a way to know that?

Thank you.
DXT images don't tend to show thumbnails so perhaps look or the images that have no tthumbnails it just show as your default program icon?
Thank you very much for your replies.
Just by chance, I found some textures (belonging to ez-fuel tanks.bgl) without mipmaps. Then I added mipmaps and the problem went off :)

But, there might be some other textures in the same situation.
Is there an easy way to find them? or do I have to go checking one by one?

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