how to fix the nose?

You might need to add rings in the straight area of that nose, then scale out the rings till they stretch to the drawing curvature.

FFD blocks are great for this. Use a FFD3 modifier then stretch only the center contact points leaving the front and back alone and you can stretch that easily. But again, you may need more rings in the front.

Some good ways of making beautiful curvature are to;
* Use a low poly basic model and use turbosmooth or NURMS to autogenerate the smoothness, or
* Use FFD to create curvature, stretching things outwards in certain area's, or
* start from one end and extrude a small amount, scale till perfect, extrude, repeat, extrude, repeat, until done.

Also, if you have Max, you can insert rings and adjust them with the new Graphite tools, Edges modifiers; 'Set Flow' and 'Flow Connect'. Some great tutorials on this on YouTube.
When asking questions like this it is helpful to show the mesh ;)
That said, using the FFD modifiers has worked well for me when shaping things like this. Check out this video...

Since i've opened the thread, I have another question:

My gmax planes are white. I had bitmaps on it and now it's just white. I've restarted my application but without success. my images are in .bmp formats.



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Go to the material used for the planes, and make sure the button with the blue and white checkerboard cube is pressed in.


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It has it's uses of course. In Max the icon may be different, but the affect is the same. After updating a bitmap and reloading, I have to 'toggle' that button off/on again before the revised bitmap will be refreshed in the Viewport.
they were selected. Im now using 3ds 2015 currently modelling saab 2000. 1 question, the line doesnt close in straight line :(

The blue line is where i want the line to connect (end). However when i choose close spline, the extra bit on the right of the blue line is created. How to fix it?

@n4gix Im a big fan of your milviz b737 :)
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Select your newly created spline and go into vertex sub object mode.
Select both verts at the wingroot then RIGHT click to bring up the quad menu.
In the upper left quad there's options to change the vertex type. "Bezier Corner" , "Bezier", "Corner" or smooth
I would think "corner" would be the best but have an experiment to see how the others work.

Paul Domingue

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Interesting method to model a wing. I would love to see end result or entire workflow. :scratchch
Spline modeling a wing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make one. You can create a beautiful airfoil in just a few minutes including a nice wing tip. I don't know if there are any tuts on the method, maybe Lionheart has done one since he does work a lot with splines. If there isn't a tut I'll make some screen grabs for you. Just let me know.
I am new to modelling. Im following a 3ds tutorial. How do people normally model wings? Im interested :)

@fsfox I create an area using spline, then bevel it. choose vertice and adjust each pos, as well as cut if needed. That's all i know for now.
NURBS if it is organic shape. Wings and entire aircraft including interior sheathing can be done by NURBS easily once you understand how they work, then just little poly editing if needed at all.
There is possibility that once you open nurbs section, then you quickly close it.. :D

If you need to revise how to work with splines, you may want to take a look at those videos:

Splines Part 1:
Splines Part 2:
Splines Part 3: