FSX How to get an object from and other airport.

Im trying to get an object from Klax and put it in my airport. for the life of me i can't seem to remember how. bgl to xml, get the mdl that i want to use. i cant remember how to use geoLock.
OK the reason why we can't just copy and past from what ever airport we choose, is because each location is whats called geolocked. So we need to unlock the file we want to use objects from. There is a program Call GeoLock, it can be found on the Net. Run the program, look for the area you want to use an object from in the EXP: fsx scenery/NAMC/Scenery/chicago.bgl. then make an empty file where ever you want, name it Fsx projects or what ever you like. I used C:/FSX projects. then tell Geolock where you want to save the file. Do not select any objects just click unlock. Now you have a file named unlocked ( your location choice). BGL in your new file that you created. take that ,bgl file and copy it to FSX/addon/scenery. you can decompile the bgl file using Bgl2Xml from Scruffy Duck, so you can see a list of what objects you have. then open ADE, open the Library Object Manager, click add file, find your unlocked BGL file. click open. ADE will find the objects in the .BGL file. click ok, then click save. now go to your airport in ADE and right click and go to add from Library Object, click library in the uper left corner, select the .bgl that you just entered from the library objects manager. select the object you want to add to your airport. save airport and compile. run FSX and wala your new object is in your airport. Have fun.