How to make a Island in SbuilderX


Just a tip concerning shorelines.

If you modify an existing island, first keep the default shoreline to have a marking to compare old and new island.

Then, don't forget to create a poly (or several) just intersecting every segment of default shoreline, then tag with "exclude all shorelines".

Now, to create new shorelines: select the poly and click "Make line"; then with line tool choose width and tag.
Take care of orientation, especially if using waves! The water side is righthand of the shoreline when running in increasing order of vertex numbers; if necessary, click "reverse" button in the line width window to change orientation.

Good work to create attractive islands!

Pierrot - FMEP
will be gone for a few days. Will give it a shot when I come back. Already made my island but ended up with messed up adjacent shore lines. It does seem my island (Mott Island) just off Tongue Point near Astoria, Oregon crosses over a vertical line of sorts. I tried to modify the lsland so it stays within that line, but that didn't help matters. I finally got the island looking good with its original shape but lost parts of another island close by. Remade that island. Both looked good. but ended up with slivers of water cutting into the main land's shore line.

Tried to fix the shore line but just made it worse. Hahaha! Bob
OK, step by step.


Note. If your island exists in more than one QMid11 rectangle, you do not need to create a hole. Create a hydro poly which includes the outline of the island and the opposite corners of the QMid11 rectangle. Repeat for the other QMid11 rectangles containing the island.
I'm sorry but I really don't get this one?

I have my island on 4 QMid 11. Do I have to create 1 hydro for each Qmid and have one point of the poly in the next Qmid? :confused: