How to make a lake with SBuilderX313?

The image shows a default channel that leads to a default lake. I need to redraw the lake format using SBuilderX313. I have no experience with this, so first I erased the default lake with a polygon set to 'Exclude All Terrain Items'. After that I drew the lake with a polygon defined as 'Hydro Generic Lake Perennial'. Now I need to set the edges of the lake with the same default border type. Someone with skills to pass me the tips of how create a lake?
If you are a little bit familiar with SBuilder it is easy to create a lake.
First you should exclude the wrong lake (if there is some) with a polygon properties 'Exclude_All_Water_Polygons' - it is a vector Poly.
Then you have to create a second polygon properties 'Exclude_All_Shorlines' If you don't the old shorelines remain.
After you create the new lake with a polygon so as you have done in your question ('Hydro Generic Lake Perennial')
Don't forget to set the right height of the lake under Polygon Properties - General!
Then you have to create the new shoreline. This is easy. Click somewher on the border of the hydropolygon and with right mouse click 'Make Line'
So you have the exact line and give it the property Shorelines Generic Lake.

Now you can take the Menu Select All and compile it to your folder within SBuilder for BGL. Copy (or cut) and paste it then to your Addon Scenery - scenery and start the Sim new.
The new lake should now show in your Sim.
Thank you for the tips. Now I was able to reset the lake and correctly position the photoreal and 3D objects of my project 'Rio Olympics 2016'. My new problem is I can not control the width of the edges of the lake. In the highlight, where the new lake join to the default lake, the new edge lake width are twice (in red) of the default edge lake width (in black).
09 Project Rio Olympics 2016.jpg
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You may wish to consider some of the CVX vector line editing options in SBuilderX as discussed here: :idea:

Most of what is discussed in that thread with changing line width applies to shoreline objects as well as to roads. ;)

PS: I would recommend installing and using the latest SBuilderX version 3.15 :

"I have made a full zipped version of the program, with all folders filled for immediate use without a previous installation of version 314:"

Full SbuilderX v315


Hope this helps ! :)

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Thanks for sharing your plug-and-play version of SBuilderX315. I'm going to use it from now on. Sorry but I keep trying to find out if it is possible (and how) to change the width of the banks of my lake. The overall result is not bad but it's annoying not to know how to correct the width of the lake's banks. The way to do this must be simple and it is there laughing at my face :).
FSX - Rio Olympics 2016.jpg
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I haven't tested yet but perhaps you can change the witdh of a shoreline with SBuilder at Line Properties>General>Vector Line>Width ?
If not perhaps change to an other (shore)line?
I did both with no results. The line width works only at the SBX interface. Other types of shorelines have in common the same width. Thanks for your interesting.
Hi Lacev:

The reason I mentioned the option of using the work-flow that Lumat used for 'Road' lines in the thread I linked to above was, that one can also change the width of default CVX vector shoreline objects in SBuilderX.

However, the default CVX vector files containing those shoreline objects would need to be 'excluded and replaced' with CVX vector files containing 'copies' of those shoreline objects edited to set them at the desired width (...and to modify their shape / location as needed).

By de-compiling and 'Appending' the default CVX vector shoreline objects to a SBuilderX project, one can change those shoreline objects to the desired width.

After the shoreline objects are edited in SBuilderX to the desired width, they would then need to be compiled and used as a replacement for the original local CVX vector BGL that would otherwise place those objects. ;)