P3D v3 How to make a Photo real Town?

Hey Guys! Once again im am starting with new scenery after finshing my first one which can downlaoded here if you wish to ;) : http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fsx-scenarii-83/scenariy-aeroporta-gomel-umgg-fsx-p3dv3-60020.html

Anyways to get into the point Im trying to make a small town in Belarus, Pinsk which has a small airfield with Unofficial ICAO code of XMBP and have one grass runway, but the problem is that when I use SbuilderX to make the photoreal town around the airport it just doesnt make images i just need to some tips on how to make such scenerys i tried taking smaller tiles of the area and just make it several files for the photo but that doesnt work :banghead: :( Anyway here is the area i Wanna make...

Thanks in Advance!

Btw im a newbie in Scenery Development and all my projects are gonna be freeware cause i do this for fun :)
Please explain how it just doesn't make images. Do you mean that while in SBX it doesn't display an image when you click on Add Map from Background, then select OK (in the window which opens after selecting resolution) or that no image file is saved to the Tools/Work directory in the same folder as where SBX resides?
TIP :idea: - when you select the area for your map from the displayed satellite image (map size) and then the 'resolution' (how many tiles to use) and click on OK a small window will open to advise how many tiles are being downloaded. do NOT click on OK until all the tiles have been downloaded. You will see the progress of tiles being downloaded at bottom left of screen. When that 'progress' reaches 0 and disappears (this might take some time depending on number of tiles downloaded) then you can click on OK (that small window then disappears), then click OK and the area of the 'map' you chose before will be displayed and your image should be created (into Tools/Work folder). This had me fooled when I first started doing satellite imagery and could be the reason why you can't find your saved image.

I found what documentation there is to either be difficult to understand in places and/or some things missing. There have been posts to other threads which say the same thing.
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If you go to Youtube and search for 'SBuilderX', you will get about 1130 videos entries for it. If you search for 'SBuilderX photoreal' you'll get 386 results. These videos can show you much more than anyone can write you about the process.

Why didn't I think of that (to advise Younes). That's what I often do myself for anything I am trying to solve. As a first stop often better than a Google search.