how to... make grid LOD?

first of all.. sorry if the question is not relevant inhere..:confused:

okay.. is it possible to make grid LOD in Global Mapper.. i.e, something like the grid LOD's found in SBuider/SbuilderX; menu.. view..Display Grid..

if that is possible.. then how to make a reference grid such as LOD11 & LOD13 in Global Mapper?

It's certainly possible. A little math and a little programming skills would get the job done.

I've done a QMID level = 7 grid. I could see going to maybe a QMID level = 11 grid (LOD = 9), as that is the clip level for most of the FSX terrain work. Anything more detailed than that is not necessary, IMO.

Don't recall how big the project was that I created to get loaded into SBuilderX and then exported out as a shapefile. I might revisit what I did previously, if I can decipher my spaghetti code... :confused:
I see…thnx

well, I'll try to sort that out.. I prefer doing all my drawing (line/polygons) in GlobalMapper, later export n finalizing them back in Sbulider for compiling purpose..:)


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Attached is a utility that will create a LOD border in Google Earth. The LOD range is 2 - 13. ( LOD 13 is QMID 15 )

Otherwise, SBuilderX can clip at any QMID setting.