How to merge weapons using MCX and Blender

I'm doing some research/learning on how to take an old freeware aircraft mdl import it into MCX, export it to a format that Blender will import with everything (animations, etc.) intact, mate the weapon(s) in Blender, merge the models, then use the Blender2FSX and/or Blender2P3D tools to export a usable model file that can be further developed and placed back in the container with the appropriate Tacpack files and panel and aircraft config modifications. I have read a few threads by lazarus and others on how to do this. I'm curious if the above process can be done without screwing up animations, etc.


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MCX can't export animations in a format that Blender can read. So this will not work.

What might work is that you model the weapons as a new file and then merge them in MCX.
What Arno said.
You make the weapons, animated and all, in a separate file then merge at LOD100 level using MCX.
Use the original plane model for perfect placement then delete anything but the weapons.
It's all explained in the TMAP tutorial available here: