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How to Move Objects and No Help Information in SBuilder

Hi all,
Will the SBuilder or the LWM Viewer program allow me to place an AFCAD Editor of an airport or an airport screenshot from flight simulator over a satellite view to make sure all of the objects, such as buildings, roads, tower, runways, taxiway, all line up with the actual satellite view? I thought this would be a good way to determine rather the buildings/hangers are in the correct location. Is there a way to re-position an object, such as a hangar, if it's not in the correct location?

My other question is that when I try to open the html Help file in the Sbuilder program, there is no help information. It just says Navigation to the webpage was canceled. What's the problem?

Hi Ken:

Although I mostly use ADE9X in either the FS9 or FSX mode to centralize my FS scenery projects, many folks are more familiar with SBuilder, and prefer that work environment; as an FS2004 user, you may wish to check out some of these excellent references on SBuilder for FS9. :idea:

Some links which may be relevant to your learning process and more complete use of SBuilder for FS9: :teacher:

Beginner's Guide to Scenery Design


SBuilder 205 revision 06 for FS2004 (FS9) full install ... not to be confused with SBuilderX 3.13 (SBX) for FSX:






If updating an older version of SBuilder, see Jay Langham's "Unified Theory" of the SBuilder install: (...originally one of many excellent Tutorials at: scenery.org before it went off-line).

http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:55FZxFCt-kcJ:www.terra-brasilis.org/teste/doc_download/21-scruffyduck-scenery-installing-sbuilder &cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

SBuilder for FS9 (SB205) Support Forum(s) at PTSim:

SBuilder Support Forum(s) at FSDeveloper:

Scott Smart Tutorial - "Airport Terrain Modification with SBuilder":

Scott Smart Tutorial - "Modifying Default Airport Terrain with SBuilder"

Jon Masterson aka "Scruffyduck" Tutorial - "Making FS9 Object Libraries available in SBuilder"

Jon Masterson aka "Scruffyduck" Tutorial - "Placing 3D Objects using SBuilder"

Jon Masterson aka "Scruffyduck" Tutorial - "Working with Textured Polygons in SBuilder"

Jon Masterson aka "Scruffyduck" Tutorial - "Modify Landclass and Add Roads with SBuilder"

Luis Féliz-Tirado - "Fences and Walls for SBuilder":

Dick Ludowise aka "rhumbaflappy" uses a combination of the FireFox web-browser and the freeware version of the FireShot plugin with with Luis Sa's SBuilder Manifold Toolbar to capture online imagery tiles as background maps in SBuilder:





Also see Dick's extended version of GMaps named "RhumbaMaps":


Luis Féliz-Tirado - "Man2SBuilder v1.0" "These small and simple to use utilities will rename image tiles downloaded from Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth using the Manifold tool bar so that they can be displayed with the latest version of SBuilder X".

Procedural UPDATE:

When the "FireShot" plug-in for Firefox is used in combination with Rhumbaflappy's "RhumbaMaps" (...now renamed to "Exploring Google Maps" ?), one can get geo-referencing info with aerial imagery comparable to Luis' "GMAPS" (which replaces the procedures using the 'Manifold toolbar' :


Scott Gridley's Tutorial for Calibrating Google Earth Maps as background images for use in SBuilder:

Scott Gridley's Tutorials for SBuilder (compiled into a PDF file):

Jim Keir's LWMViewer Utility version 1.x (can output BMP of FS9 scenery with world file for use as background image in SBuilder; see ReadMe "Saving BMP files"):

Jim Keir's LWMViewer2 Utility: "LWMViewer2 is an almost complete re-write of V1.x which now provides a full, 3D, realtime display environment which tries to get close to the final display of FlightSim 2004. It also allows landclass and waterclass editing and object placement including modification of the default objects provided with FS2004, again all in realtime." (can also output BMP of FS9 scenery with world file for use as background image in SBuilder; see ReadMe "Saving BMP files"):


Editing a default airport flatten with SBuilder:

Removing vestigial flattens in coastal areas with SBuilder:

Jeffrey Stanyer Tutorial - "Creating an Island with SBuilder V1.06a"

(NOTE: This tutorial was also included in some later installation packages of SBuilder for FS9)

Miscellaneous files listed in AVSIM's download library pertinent to SBuilder for FS9:
http://library.avsim.net/search.php?CatID=root&SearchTerm=sbuilder&Sort=Added&ScanMode=1&Go=Change View

PS: I recommend creating a \Help sub-folder under the main SBuilder for FS9 folder chain, and save a copy of the above web pages and tutorials into that folder, then create a shortcut or link (*.lnk) file to them in the Windows Programs menu "SBuilder for FS9" entry for easier access. ;)

Hope this helps get you started ! :)

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Hi Gary,
Thanks for all the links. You mentioned you use ADE9X. How is this different from the SBuilder and where can I get it? Also, do you know why the included html help file says "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" in the Sbuilder program?

Hi Ken:

Airport Design Engine for FS9 and FSX (aka "ADE9X") is available from Scruffyduck Download Center:


The ADE9X support forum is here:


Download the "ADE9x-Manual-EN.zip" from Scruffyduck Download Center:


Next, browse to "ADE9X Current Version" > "ADE9x-Manual-EN"

Both SBuilder and ADE9X have some similar scenery creation and editing capabilities, and yet each has unique and powerful abilities that are distinct from the feature set of the other.

Generally, ADE9X is primarily intended for airport design, and SBuilder is primarily intended for scenery design.

The "scenery" feature set for the FS9 mode of "ADE9" is still less complete than that of the FSX mode of "ADEX"... as it is still under development; thus, for many FS9-specific scenery functions, SBuilder for FS9 may be more full-featured.

There are additional helpful ADE9X tutorial files available from the Scruffyduck Download Center via the same main page by clicking "Tutorials"

PS: I'm not familiar with a "Navigation to the web page was canceled" error; all "Help" menu pull-down links work OK in my install of SBuilder for FS9.

However, the "SBuilder Help" link is directed to: [SBuilder install path]\Html\SBuilder.chm

...And the "Visit the SBuilder Forum" link is directed to:


NOTE: Choose "English" option under "Escolha o Idioma", then click "Sair" to forward to the main Support Forum at:


FYI: You may or may not be required to register there, as is commonly the case at most FS Forum systems

Hope this helps further with your FS scenery endeavors ! :)

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