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How to place .bgl files into FSX

Hi everyone,

Ok i am vary new to creating airports etc in fsx, i use ADE9x to build my airport and have become ok at designing some.

My question is this, i have a building which is an .bgl file and i would like to place it in a specific location within fsx. I have the coordinates both lat and long but i dont know how to do it.

Please, can anyone point me in the right direction of which software and how this can be done.

Thanks for all your help.

You can do it with ADE. Is that what you are asking? Is this an object lbrary bgl file?

If so then you first need to make sure that the bgl file is placed in an appropriate folder in FSX. The easiest place is in Addon Scenery. You could add the bgl file to Addon Scenery\scenery and then all the texture files need to go into Addon Scenery\texture. A lot of people create a specific folder for libraries. I created a folder called Library Objects under Addon Scenery. Then inside that I added a scenery folder and a texture folder. I place the bgl files containing the object in the scenery sub folder and the textures in the texture sub folder. Next you need to activate that folder inside FSX.

Now in ADEX go to Tools > Library Object Manager and click the button to Add Objects. Navigate to and select the bgl file containing the building. Follow the dialogs to save it. Now if you go back to the airport you can use the right click menu to add you object.

Alternatives for adding objects include Whisplacer or SBuilderX which are free or Instant Scenery (payware from Flight1) that also has the advantage of having an in sim display to assist object placement.

I hope I have answered the right question!
Hi Scruffyduck,

Sorry no thats not what i meant. I have a .bgl file of a bridge, and i want to place that bridge on the correct coordinates within FSX, so that when i fly over the area i will see the bridge in the correct place.

OK so I am not sure why my answer is wrong unless you want to place it by hand. To place any object you need to create a small piece of xml that does the placement. This contains the coordinates etc and a reference to the object. The XML is then compiled using BglComp and placed in your Scenery Folder setup. Or am I still missing it?

What is in the bgl file? just the bridge or something else? Was it created using GMax or FSDS or have you got it from a third party
No Scruffyduck your not missing it :) I do use ADE9x to create all of my airports, but how can i place an object in a location using ADE9x, when the object i want to place isnt an airport object, it needs to be placed a few miles away.

How can i do this in ADE9x ?? The BGL file i got from a website, it was designed for FS2004 but i want to update it and then make it available for users within FSX.

If the airport is Mona airport and i want to place the bridge over the river say a good few miles away how can/do i know where to place it when i have the airport loaded up in ADE9x and all i see is a green back ground with the airport in the centre?

With regard to your other comment about compiling an XML document, which programs are used for this, are there set ones used by most people and is this the more efficient way of doing this?

Thanks for your patience mate.

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See my first post. That explained how to do it. You can place objects a ling way from the airport with ADE (In fact cross wind runways are placed at the pole so can be thousands of miles away). If you want to do it in ADE then follow the instructions in my first post. Place the object at the airport and then open it for edit. Click the Set by Drag button so it turns green and says Set Manual. Now enter your coordinates for the object and save it again. Compile it to FS and it should show up in the correct place.

Let me be sure though - is this object in the bgl file for Mona Airport that you downloaded? If you tell me where you got it then I will take a look myself.

Nope the file was and is a seperate bgl file that i downloaded. I will attach the file here for your. I have tried to install the bgl file into ADE9x and it came up with "No useable objects found in this file".

I would like to open this file using GMAX but i suppose you have to convert it so GMAX can read it? The file is a bridge which i would like to add to Anglesey island, as you know the bridge isnt part of Mona airport although some of the locals might dissagree lol.

Sorry, im just getting started in the whole .bgl file thing.



  • Britannia Bridge1_df.bgl
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What is the original date of this file Gordon - if it is pre FS9 then it may contain code that ADE can't read.


I get the same thing with ADE reading it - so I suspect it is an old bgl file. In that case we have a different problem!
Ah yes sorry Jon, it is FS9. Is there a way then that we can open this file (in some sort of program), then re-compile it so FSX can read it, or do we have to start from scratch in GMAX and build the bridge again?

Thanks again for your time and help.

Not FS9 - it is a Scasm object. Using BglAnalyze it is possible to extract the source code for the object. Using Arno's ModelConvertX (available from the download section of this site) it should be possible to convert it to a FSX model. If you can get an FSX model then it can be used directly in ADE without having to put it back into a bgl library first.

Arno is the expert in this stuff so maybe he will see the post and offer some more guidance.

So bottom line is that it should be possible to convert it for use in FSX (however there is many a slip twixt cup and lip!)
Hi. I have a similar problem yet unsolved.
I want to use a building already used in FSX to include in an airport project with ADEX, but I cannot find the way. It figures in the ADE9X/Big_Thumbnail_Pack/FSXP_Buildings folder as {5c6bc19c-df8e-447a-92d0-815289273c8b}_BLD_Sugarloaf_Urca_Bld01. The problem is that in ADEX Library Object Manager the FSXP_Buildings category doesn't exist and though I cannot use it. I supose there must be a way to do it but I don't know how. Can somebody explain me what can I do? Thanks.
I think that object is a default object of fsx, it's not?, if it's so, just place them with the object placement tool of fsx, you have the guid of the object so just have to look for it in the list inside object placement tool.
FSXP objects are only available when you have the Acceleration Pack installed, as I remember.

Hope this helps,
That's so, Acceleration have a little more of sceneries objects, it's why is important to specify the simulator version. :cool:
How to place .bgl files into fsx with adex

Hola Bernardo.

The only place I found this object is in FSXP_Buildings folder; but as I said before, I don't know how to include it with ADEX Library Object Manager, because this Category doesn't appear in this manager. I navigated with FSX to the place in the Urca mountain in Rio and I could see it, but it is not included in any airport of that zone, because it is far from all of them. I tried to find it with the Find Guid and the Find Text buttons but it isn't found in that way.

Gracias. Saludos.

Have you Acceleration, maybe if not you can't acces to those objects, no sure here, but it's clear you have the objects in your sim. You can see them with modelconvertex, search in Fsx/scenery/global, and load the bgl, in the top left corner you can get the "list objects", and there you will see them.
Knowing his guid, the safest way is go to menu fsx tools inside Fsx game, go to object placement tool, once the windows is open, you have two options (Mission/Objects) click on Objects, and in the next windows click on "Add" and in top dialog box "scenery objects", there drop down a list with all the objects to be placed, it's is a guid list (the list place a zero before the real guid, so if you have a 02bc guid, in the list would be 002bc, and so on. suerte,
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Yes, I have Acceleration. I didn't have ModelConverterX as I didn't know about it. Now I downloaded it and I will learn how to use it.
Using Windows Explorer I can see the object in the folder in ADE9X/Big_thumbnail_pack/FSXP_Buildings.bgl and inside it the Description and Guid number as .jpg. This FSXP_Buildings doesn't appear in the Category window of ADE9X Object Library Manager tool and though I cannot place it this way.
Now that you told me, I could find this folder in FSX/Scenery/Global/scenery the FSXP_Buildings.bgl file. I also regret to tell you that searching with Windows Explorer or running FSX in the configuration window I don't have any FSX Tools folder under FSX Game.
Hola amigo, vale la pena bajar Modelcovertex, es una herramienta pero que muy útil, pero claro hay que estudiarla, si a veces son demasiadas herramientas, tienes instalado el Sdk ?
Very usefull modelconvertex, by the way have you installed the Fsx sdk, could be that why you have not the Sdk tools in the menu in Fsx. If you have not isntalled the Sdk will be many thing you could not do.
Hola Bernardo. Ahora en nuestra lengua es mucho mas facil.
También tengo instalado el SDK. El tema es que en mi país hay dos terminales de aeropuertos del interior prácticamente idénticas, pero difíciles de crear (al menos para mi) por la forma de sus techos entre otras cosas. Luego de buscar mucho encontré un edificio que tiene uno de los techos del mismo modo que mis terminales, pero con tanta mala suerte que solo está en un lugar complicado de copiar para mi.
Como podrás ver en las fotos adjuntas el techo de la terminal principal es en declive solo hacia un lado y en la secundaria el techo es a dos aguas pero invertido. Para el primero de ellos es que quiero usar este edificio de Río. Para el segundo ya veré.

Por ahora gracias por tu ayuda.

Hi Bernardo.
This way is easier. I also have SDK installed.
In fact in my country there are two airports whose terminals are almost identical, but difficult to create (at least for me) because of their roof designs. After much searching I found a building who has one of the roofs like my terminals but unfortunately it is in a complicated place to copy for me. As you can see in the photos herewith included the principal terminal building roof has downslope only to one side an the secondary one is an inverted two sides downslope. For the first one is that I want to use this Rio building. For the second one I will see later.
Thanks by now for your help.